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Lots of this information is also on other pages - but just in case you couldn't find what you're looking for, here's a collection of the most common questions about Groentetas. If you still aren't sure about anything, feel free get in touch using any of the contact information on our Contact page, and then we'll try to add anything new that comes up to this page to help others 😊

What is the policy for bags or ‘tassen’ when I collect my Groentetas?

Groentetas aims to produce as little waste as possible, and therefore we function according to a ‘Bring Your Own Bag’ (BYOB) policy. We suggest that you bring a reusable bag of a suitable capacity to hold at least twelve veggies! If you order mushrooms, we recommend bringing an additional smaller bag or a tupperware to store your treats.

Are the mushrooms included in the Groentetas?

The mushrooms that we offer are excluded from the regular Groentetas and can be purchased for an additional €3. Each portion of mushrooms consists of 250 grams of oyster mushrooms grown from recycled coffee grounds by De Clique.

What does a Groentetas contain?

Each Groentetas contains a mixture of seven seasonal fruits and vegetables, with the amount of each varying depending on the week. A typical Groentetas contains around 12 pieces of produce; however, the exact amount depends on the type of vegetables and fruits that we receive.

How can I get further involved with Groentetas?

At present Groentetas does not offer a membership or subscription programme; however, we are constantly searching for volunteers to help out at one of our stands. As a volunteer you will help out for a 90 minute shift with the distribution of Groentetas(sen) or the transport of vegetable bags between the two collection locations. In return for your help you will receive a free Groentetas, as well as the opportunity to communicate with like-minded and veggie loving individuals! The whatsapp link for the Groentetas volunteer chat is provided via email.

If you do not have access to Whatsapp you can contact our volunteer coordinator on the following email address:

How can I order a Groentetas?

Each week you can place your order for a Groentetas prior to midnight on the Sunday preceding the collection day. The collection days are every Wednesday, and there are two collection points with designated pick-up times. You can order and pay for your Groentetas on our website, and select the preferred location for collection. Alternatively, you can order for the following week at our stand when you come to collect your "tas".

What is the difference between the collection points?

Groentetas offers two separate collection points, namely the Educatorium and Parnassos. The Educatorium is situated on Utrecht Science Park and the collection hours range between 12:00 and 14:00. Parnassos Cultural Centre is situated in the city center and the collection hours range between 17:00 and 20:00.

What are the addresses for the collection points?

The addresses and collection times for both collection points are included below.


Leuvenlaan 19

3584 CE Utrecht

(on Wednesdays between 12:00-14:00)


Kruisstraat 201

3581 GK Utrecht

(on Wednesdays between 17:30-20:30)

What happens if I forget to collect my Groentetas?

Unfortunately Groentetas is unable to offer refunds or postponed collection alternatives in the case of a forgotten ‘tas’. We suggest that if you are unable to collect your Groentetas that you ask someone to collect your bag under your name.