Closed for the summer. Thank you for the great year we had!

2023 – it’s a wrap!

Making the world a better place, one veggie bag at a time, year after year
2023 – it’s a wrap!

Fun collaborations, community events, and, most importantly, beautiful and seasonal veggies every week! 2023 was a blast, and we are beyond thankful to have shared this adventure with you. After the first four months of being on the Groentetas board, we all would like to express gratitude to each and every one of our amazing volunteers, customers, partners, and supporters who have come along on our journey! Thanks to you, Groentetas is running, and we can look back on the amazing events and cooperations we could be part of. Here’s a selection of our favorite memories, check it out:

UU welcome week

In our first few weeks on the board, we had the opportunity to set up a stall at the UU Welcome Week 'Mix and Mingle' event! What a great way to meet new international students and get talking over a cold beer! And the best part? Hearing about similar initiatives in their home countries - it's amazing to see what's possible in local contexts!

HU Green market

Opportunities to link up with like-minded folks kept coming! We were thrilled to receive an invitation of the Hogeschool Utrecht's Green Office for their market focusing on initiatives promoting sustainability on campus. It warms our hearts to see that we're not flying solo on this mission!

Taste the Revolution

What better way to plan for the revolution of our food system on campus than over a three-course, all-vegan dinner? In November, we teamed up with our friends from the Grounded Community who had just launched a fantastic new restaurant on campus. We not only had a blast in the kitchen but also enjoyed engaging discussions with you on topics such as the changes we'd like to see in campus food culture!

VMA pop-up

As a start of our plan to grow on Campus we wanted to try out new locations. We already had contact with the VMA building on Science Park so the pop-up was very easy to set up. The pop-up was running parallel to our Educatorium timeslot and was a great success. We plan on having more pop-ups in 2024 and hopefully make this a 3rd location for Groentetas.

We'll return with fresh veggies on January 10th (remember to place your Groentetas order online <3!). Wishing everyone a Happy New Year, and we look forward to catching up with you soon during the veggie pick-up! If your New Year's resolution involves living more sustainably or advocating for a more regenerative food system, feel free to reach out to us! We’re always welcoming new volunteers, ideas and collaborations!